Silver Stone has an expertise in salon industry. It is a case study for digitization.

Silver Stone Case Study For Digitization

Silver Stone Expertise In Salon Industry

A Case Study For Digitization


Over past several years, we have provided and implemented cost effective online POS and accounting system on various salons in JRB, Marina, Jumeriah, Zabeel and Sharjah that helped to save 55% of the existing cost of maintaining book of accounts, VAT filing and brought more efficiencies in processes.

How to Increase Salon Revenue?

Salon revenue is the total amount of sales made by a Salon including revenues from Salon services as well as retail products. How can Salon increase their revenue? How to design sales staff targets and reward policy?

There are following main ways you can increase your revenue and net profit:

  • Expand your client base
  • Increase your average AED sale
  • Increase your rebooking rate and frequency in which clients visit your business
  • Reduce your Salon expenses
  • Realistic target for salon staff and remuneration policy
  • Design packages to target a high amount of retail

Cash Management For A Growing Salon

In UAE, majority entrepreneurs are struggling to control their Salon’s budget! They are unaware how to put together a financial plan for their Salon, Spa or Barber shop.

Salon’s business is ALL about money because that makes your Salon sustainable. Without money you cannot rent your premises, pay your team or order stock.

Growing your Salon business, making more money and feeling well-rewarded for what you like to do is difficult, but it is achievable. Once you have a real control of your current cash and understand where the cash is going, you will be able to create a future plan to reach your financial and business goals.

Silver Stone Accounting & Bookkeeping Team guides everything from calculating your hair Salon prices to different pay structures for artists’ salaries, and much more. You will find proven profit formulas, upselling tips, hacks for igniting your retail sales and Salon KPI guidance and benchmarking. We have even gathered Salon related information from the industry experts to help you smash your financial goals.

Arrange a Free consultation session with Silver Stone’s Team today to set a staff budget, discuss pricing policy and explore creative ways to unlock the hidden cash in your Salon. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Why Zoho Accounting Software?

Zoho is cloud based accounting software with features of Invoicing, Inventory, Expense tracking, Bank reconciling, Multi users’ access, Reporting and many more. SME’s owners regard Zoho software because it is: 

  • FTA VAT compliant
  • Straight forward setup
  • Scalable payment gateways 
  • Customizable business workflow and templates
  • Add-ons Integration
  • Meaningful reports
  • Mobile app and many more.

Why Timely Appointment Software?

Timely is very user-friendly software for Salon and Spa to:

  • Measure staff performance i.e. Revenue V staff pay
  • Handle online and walk in bookings
  • Manage repeat bookings with multiple services
  • Manage business via mobile app
  • Client online booking facility
  • Friendly automated SMS and email remainder
  • Integrate with accounting, marketing and payment add-ons
  • Manage packages and gift vouchers
  • Reporting by staff performance, services, location etc.

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